Networking and Internet

Structured cabling is building or campus telecommunications cabling infrastructure that consists of a number of standardized smaller elements (hence structured) called subsystems. Structured cabling design and installation is governed by a set of standards that specify the laying of communication network cables in data centers, offices, apartments and buildings for data or voice communication using various kinds of cables mostly commonly used Category 5 (CAT 5e) and Category 6 (CAT 6) as well as optical cabling and modular connectors.

At Golden Flowa we have a team of qualified and dedicated personnel in building communication networks. We have successfully laid such networks in schools and institutions and we’d be grateful to offer your institution the same. Besides we have a maintenance warranty for one year serving as a guarantee of our service.

We offer businesses a single‐source provider for Voice and Data Infrastructures, Phone Systems, Audio/Video Distribution and Video Surveillance. We specialize in voice, data, and fiber optic cabling and wireless LAN rollouts based on reliable, high‐quality, standards‐based cabling and network infrastructure components.

We have served as a one‐stop solution for many small businesses nationwide, providing superior service, expert installation and the highest quality IT infrastructure and telecommunications solutions guaranteed to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Our highly experienced, dedicated and fully trained technicians offer a complete service from design through to documentation and delivery.

Our expert team provides end‐to‐end wired and wireless network solutions for a variety of industries, from health care to retail. Whether one location or multiple, you can count on us for top notch quality, excellent workmanship, minimal disruption, completion of projects on time and within budget.

As a leading provider of VoIP Phone and IP communication solutions, Yealink helps customers to grow by improving close, interactive contact between employees, partners, and clients as effectively as possible. Designed for financially conscious clients, Yealink phone systems helps to unlock full business potential. 

Reliable quality, the highest levels of operational simplicity, affordable prices and timely technical support make Yealink first choice for the SMB market.


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