We will work hard to earn your business and we tend to forge deep relationships with our clients in the process. We would like our clients to simply refer us as their IT department by making out support team part of their workforce

Technical Partnerships

When your technology is too important to fail, we believe that partnering with industry leaders who provide best in class, industry proven solutions is the route to go

Depth of Staff

At GOLDEN FLOWA SOLUTIONS we’ll develop multiple personnel that can work on the same technology for our customers and we document network information religiously.


As in any service, the key to maintain customer satisfaction is careful planning. Our service starts well before the first day of production, to prepare for and control an efficient start-up.. Using a structured commencement program you will be kept fully informed of our progress with regular updates of the ‘critical path analysis’ as events unfold.

Team Work

GOLDEN FLOWA SOLUTIONS is driven by innovations. We’ll constantly be looking at new more cost-effective ways of providing our services and we aim to forge a real working relationship with our clients, adapting our services to meet their needs. Other innovative services can be featured to meet your budgetary needs.


With our experience in network, you can count on us for any project, including complex network design, server installation and support, as well as LAN/WAN management and security. The technicians at GOLDEN FLOWA SOLUTIONS are professionals and knowledgeable, with advanced certifications in ICT Solutions in Kenya

Our Approach

We offer ICT Solutions in Kenya to:-

  • Government and Government Institutions
  • Microfinance Institutions and SACCO’s
  • Non Governmental Organizations
  • Institutions of Higher Learning
  • Schools and colleges including
  • Churches and Church Based Organizations
  • Healthcare Institutions
  • Air Travel, Hotels, Recreation Centers
  • Human Rights and Advocacy institutions
  • Professionals, Private Institutions, Private and public companies
  • Banks and Banking Institutions, Microfinance Institutions, Insurance companies, Investment companies, etc
  • Diplomatic Missions and many more
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