Computers and Printers


We do not just sell the box, we provide warranty, support and maintain it, ensuring that your IT equipment join your productivity team. We ensure you reap maximum value from your investment. To maintain quality, we only sell a selected range of branded computers. We have assembled a team of highly trained technical and support team that ensures that your computer keeps working for you, so that you, in turn, can continue doing the work that you set up to do in the first place.




We stock the full range of printers from personal printers to A3 range and A0 plotters. You will also get mobile inkjet printers and photo printers within the range.

Power Supply Units

Protect your valuable equipment from power fluctuations, brown-outs, etc by installing UPS. We stock the American Power Conversion (APC) UPS’s, MGE which have been thoroughly tested and found to work best with the Kenyan power distribution systems and withstand the fluctuations.

Other Imaging Products

We also supply multimedia projectors, scanners, digital cameras etc

Our approach is to embrace the applications and devices people use every day rather than force a new way of working. We’ve also taken cues from consumer apps so that the user experience is modern, engaging, and intuitive.

This includes end-to-end solutions in integrated data capture, workflow and archival solution in the wide area network and remote access. Solutions range from design, through audits, consultation, implementation, installation, and maintenance and back-up support services. Diamond Systems is well positioned in terms of products, skills and a mature service and support infrastructure to meet the solution needs of   organizations wanting   to   concentrate   on   their   core competencies   and rely on industry established   experts   to   provide   solution infrastructure support.

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